‘X Factor’ Tryouts 2011

By | February 25, 2011

X Factor Auditions

Simon Cowell is bringing X Factor to the US and auditions are coming up quickly. The ‘X Factor’ is offering up the largest prize ever for a reality TV talent show…. $5 million. Since the crowds expected to tryout for The X Factor are supposed to just as huge as the grand prize, auditions are scheduled for large venues such as arenas.

The talent search will kick off in Los Angeles on 3/23/2011 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena and continue on to Miami, Seattle, New Jersey, Chicago and Dallas.

The competition is open to individuals and groups 12 years of age and older. Simon Cowell stated “The auditions are open to anyone who can sing” and describes the reality talent competition as a ‘singing competition with a twist’.

Another twist to the ‘X Factor’ may be voting by FaceBook. The show is negotiating with FaceBook to get a voting platform online before the show starts. The FaceBook voting ill be free in the U.S. and delivered through a FaceBook App. Fans in the UK will have to pay to cast their FB votes for their fave contestants.

X Factor Auditions 2011 Schedule

Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, March 27
L.A. Sports Arena

Miami, FL
Thursday, April 7
Bank United Center

Newark, NJ
Thursday, April 14
Prudential Center

Seattle, WA
Wednesday, April 20
Key Arena

Chicago, IL
Wednesday, April 27
Sears Centre Arena

25 thoughts on “‘X Factor’ Tryouts 2011

  1. Tammie Sherrell

    When can I audition in Las Vegas for this year?

  2. chloee

    I am Chloee Law and I am 11. I at least think I can sing. We can’t come to tryouts so I would like to audition online please tell me how.

  3. devyne Matthews

    Im a Singer who love to sing and act

  4. Nesha

    Hello my name is tarnesha hunt and I live in Birmingham Alabama and I thought u guys was comeing down here but it’s not a audition it’s a show omg noooo do x factor we have a lot of talent down her please come and see what we got please

  5. stephen


  6. stephen

    i want to no when the 2012 live auditions will be for the new xfactor 2012 for central florida or close by so i can compete and win

  7. Danielle Campbell

    Im 14years young and my Friend is 14 too and all we do is Sing. She has a Wonderful Voice, And she said i do too. My dream was to be on American Idol, But theres an age limit, so i heard of the X Factor.. So Can you tell me When and Where the tryouts Are? Thanks.

  8. Brooklyn beard

    My friend is a great singer and she needs to know when the 2012 auditions are.can u tell me were and when they are.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  9. brooklyn beard

    My friends a great singer and whants to find out when the 2012 auditions were and where they are located.

  10. aaliyah tucker

    HEYYYYY i was wondering about the xfactor auditions.Were do you sighn up at and are they coming to colorado? I have been wanting to sing at xfactor and american idol fow a while now. Im about to be 16 and im ready to show off my talent to the world!!!!!

  11. Courtney

    Hi i am a a 12 year old girl!!!! I luve to sing and i am good at it and i am woudering can you tell me when the 2012 X fctor auditions will take place so i can audition!?!?! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Courtney

    Hi i am a a 12 year old girl!!!! I luve to sing and i am good at it and i am woudering can you tell me when the 2012 X fctor auditions will take place so i can audition!?!?! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dakiid yung A.c.e

    I am a rapper I know im better more than have of the sign rappers and I want to prove it so when are audition, for x factor coming to atlanta

  14. Steve Jackson

    I would like to tryout for X Factor 2012. Where is your closest audition?

  15. Steve Jackson

    I am a singer songwriter. When will your tryouts be back in Pittsburgh,Pa?

  16. Chad Roscoe

    My girl who’s 12 can belt it out her name is Maggie Roscoe she’s on the youtuber and she’s singing “Somebody to love” by queen. I as well love music and we were wondering if we could come to the 2012 tryouts for the X factor but we can’t find when they are. Father daughter thing would be kinda cool plus We love that video of Paula with the cat cartoon dude….. Come on Simon hook us up with a date in Seattle where we can sing at you. Mag says you don’t scare her but ya scare the crap out of me so this should be cool. I don’t want your cash just a date in Seattle….I promised her she could tryout one day when she was older , however construction in our booming economic times is real bad but we have family in Seattle that could transport us back and forth so come on make a date with us No tea and crumpets just good old singing….

  17. Debi Learner

    I have a 13 year old daughter who sings and plays the piano beautifully. She is great on stage and she loves performing in front of people. When are your next tryouts in the chicago land area?

  18. Lisa Hamlin

    I have a amazing 10 year old son that has a great voice and he has great stage appearence! Just wondering when he can try out for x-factor?

  19. John Swindle

    When are you guys coming to Dayton, OH. I am a Gospel/R&B Singer/Songwriter.

  20. Derek Bambenek

    Is There any dancing or is it just singing Acts??

  21. lorena miranda

    im 16 my birthday is 9-10-94 i can sing dance and act.


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