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3 actors needed
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location: Denver, CO

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Looking for three actors, paid gig

Need actors for series of ten video clips. We will be shooting mid June. Two locations. Shoot will require about half a day. Each scene will run approximately 1 minute. The videos are for a marketing course. In some clips the actor speaks to camera (the student) in others actors speak to each other and the student. Players will be paid a stipend of $175.00 on the day of the shoot plus a DVD of your bits after post production. Those chosen for the casting will audition June 7. No hard script each scene consists of talking points and line suggestions this is mostly an improvisation, great demo reel material for you.

3 males, “granola-outdoorsy” type. Two are brothers.
1) Mark Colston, 50 – 60 Current Simply Real Foods Owner
Made millions in the Florida real estate market selling condos for seniors, was on vacation, skiing in Park City, Utah and had a Simply Real Cookie after a day on the slopes, loved the products so much that he bought the company. Not at all experienced in consumer food products, but a good business owner, even if some might say that he is skimpy on investing marketing dollars. “Any plan that calls for more money needs to be very, very convincing. I have to tell you, there’s a reason I have millions. It’s because I don’t spend my money foolishly.”

1) Jim Cramer, 40 -50, Simply Real Foods President
Recognizes that growing of business goes hand-in-hand with nurturing relationships and encouraging personal growth. Strives to create meaningful, long-term connections with employees, vendors and customers in a community where trust rules. Simply Real Foods is not just a job–it’s a shared passion. “Let your actions define you.”
Tells kids this every day. “We act with dependability, honesty, integrity and trust to realize our commitment to the SRF family and community. Big steps, small footprint.” He loves Simply Real Foods, and what they do. “We laugh every day. What else is there?”

1) Jason Cramer, 35- 45, Simply Real Foods Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Brother of Jim, fitness/sports enthusiast. The risk taker of the group. Athletic build.

The two brothers do not need to match ethnicity. We will provide more information about the setting and situation before the casting.

email resume and head shot.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Denver, CO
Contact email: [email protected]

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