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THE WALK-UP ATTICS- a band of addicts that don’t practice!

Are you a top-notch musician/artist that has put your music on hold due to addiction? Is it time to pick up that guitar and start singing-get that voice back in shape? Let’s see who’s courageous enough to want to join a band with a gang of recovering addicts! This is for real. I have been performing weekly with bands as my full time job for the last 15 years. If I get enough responses who are serious about their sobriety and their art, I will set up auditions.
My ideas: I love Motown, gospel, jazz, the 60’s, the 70’s (brass would be awesome) and finding new ways to present cover tunes that people love, Love, LOVE! What’s your passion? Anyone out there who feels like they have ideas for me? I need help. I am not going to pretend that I can do this alone. Tech? Video? Writers/Arrangers? Live artists? Producers? Together we can do what we could not do alone!
If you fit this insane description, please send your sane resume and cover letter to [email protected] In your cover letter I’d like to know briefly about your recovery, your HP, your artistic background, and why you could really get pumped about this project. It’s all about the chemistry.
This band project is not officially program-approved to be shared at meetings, so I am counting you to spread the word informally at your meetings. Feel free to share only you first name if you like. Participantion will have to be volunteer at first. You can check out samples of my latest laid back recovery CD on iTunes, WE CAME TO BELiEVE. Peace! Pete [email protected] 609-533-1266 EOE

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: NYC
Contact email: [email protected]

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