African American Actor Wanted – Boston


32nd EVVY Awards Segment
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location: Boston, MA

Category: Other Projects

President Lee Pelton
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African American
Age: 30-60
Weight: Average to Athletic
Height: 5’10+
President Pelton is the strong and respected leader of Emerson College. An all knowing and benevolent President, Pelton must mentor the hosts of the 32nd Annual EVVY Awards to greatness. Pelton uses his quick wit and infinite wisdom to instill his values in the hosts. A man of great mystery, Pelton can manipulate space and time with the help of his magical portal. The Pelton role is a comedic take based on Emerson’s Current President, Lee Pelton. This is a comedic role so a strong comedic background would be preferred.
The casting call is going to be Friday, 11/30, 1pm-4pm. This is the only time we plan on casting, but based off the turn out we might do it again the next Friday.

Finally, as a reminder, the shoot dates are 1/18-1/21 in the Boston area. Meals and a copy of the completed work will be provided.

Please send an email to me if interested!!

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Boston, MA
Contact email:

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