African American Actors Wanted



I’m looking for a small group of actors/actresses to add a few people in my film project. For these roles: the age should be between 17 and 50. First time, no experience actors and students are welcome.

For this movie and according to the script we need:
• 17 African Americans (8 ladies 9 men)

Please note that we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion or education. The description of actors/actresses is based on the original script.

This is no pay but expect lot’s of fun. Actors/actresses are expected to gain acting experience as they will not be paid. Drinks and snacks can be provided.

This is my first film project and many more projects will follow later depending on the results of the first project. The goal is to produce a high quality movie with a low and very limited budget. Hence, we need unpaid and committed volunteers.

The selected actors/actresses will be considered to be part of troupe ensemble. And may be considered for future movies should they like their first experience with us.

If interested email me at:

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  1. Lucille

    Hello! My name is Lucille Collins and I would love to audition, got this audition! Just give me the information! Have a blessed day


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