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By | January 17, 2012

Little Brother Mikey
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta
Little Brother Mikey is a feature film shooting in Atlanta.There is NO PAY but copy,meals and credit will be provided

MIKEY – Lead / MALE / 30 TO 40 / African American
Big overgrown kid,naive but not dumb, funny but doesn’t mean to be, warm, trusting.

DARREN from next door – Co-Star / MALE / 25 TO 30 / Caucasian
Al and Mikey’s friend.Clumsy, not terribly bright.pops up everywhere,annoying.

KAREN – Co-Star / FEMALE / 20 TO 30
Mikey’s girlfriend,far from a genius, adores Mikey, always having a “blonde moment”

HERMAN – Co-Star / MALE / 40 TO 60 / Caucasian
The family lawyer, think glasses and a suit,really stiff and serious at work but cool with a hip hop persona away from work.

ADOPTION AGENCY AGENT – Day Player / FEMALE / 40 TO 60 / Caucasian
Rigid, mean, strictly by the rules.Hides her true feelings.

DETECTIVE – Co-Star / MALE / 25 TO 40 / Caucasian
Tough guy but soft underneath, carrying pain deep inside.longs for his old girlfriend

VERONICA – Day Player / FEMALE / 20 TO 30
Attractive,shy,quiet type, Mikey’s first date

KATIE – Day Player / MALE / 10 TO 13 / Caucasian
Tough, young kid,leader of the group, bullies
Mikey and his friends and even scares Detective.

DAVID – Day Player / MALE / 10 TO 13 / Caucasian
Tough kid, chip on his shoulder,follows Katie’s lead and bullies Mikey.

Darren’s Mom – Day Player / FEMALE / 40 TO 60 / Caucasian
Tough and angry,overbearing and always in Al’s face.

CHARLIE – Day Player / MALE / 30 TO 60 / Caucasian
Interviews Mikey for a job, it goes horribly wrong.

AMY – Day Player / FEMALE / 30 TO 40 / Caucasian
Detective’s long lost girlfriend, aggressive, tough but has a touch of sweetness.

DANIEL – Day Player / MALE / 30 TO 40 / Caucasian
Creepy, weird, mysterious, not as he seems,Mikey’s next boss.

COURTNEY – Day Player / FEMALE / 20 TO 30 / Caucasian
Tracy’s friend, nosy, gossips, outspoken, stirs up trouble

Casting Location: Atlanta
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