Atlanta Girl Singing Group

By | December 8, 2012

Girl Teen Singing Group
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location: Atlanta,Georgia

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Hi,my name is K-Ci Horton I’m 14 and I’m looking for a girl singing group,I would like for you to be 14-16 years old like to dance and want to work hard you cant have stage fright and 1 would like for you to want to travel.

Thank you and if you are serious about this please email me thank you!!!

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Casting Location: Atlanta,Georgia
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2 thoughts on “Atlanta Girl Singing Group

  1. alanah

    Hi my name is alanah and I have 3 other friends that can really sing and dance, we been trying to do a group for at least a couple of years now but we are very talented and determined. We all are 13 but we are looking for a good manger to produce us. I know that we are young but we will do whatever it takes, we don’t have stage fright and its been our dream to travel so if you please send me a email back just to know what you say, you don’t have to say yes but I just wanted to give it a shot that’s all.
    thank you


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