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By | October 7, 2012

Girl Group!
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location: Atlanta, Ga

Category: Singers

Hello! My name is Danyell. I’m looking to start a girl group. I’m 18 and sing alto. Im hoping for a group with four girls, including me. I’m also tall, six one, and was hoping for tall girls like me. But short girls are welcome to. Preferably 18-19, maybe 17, and permission is needed, if necessary. In the Atlanta or Valdosta areas, I attend school there, freshman in college. I want us to go far! ^_^

Email me your response, name, age, and what you think our image should be. Commitment is important, but I also want us to have fun.

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Atlanta, Ga
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  1. Clemencia Williams-Minus

    Hello I’m a 39 yr old women with experience in auditioning in movies in the past I’m looking to be an extra for any action comedy or drama movie pls email me with any info U may have. Thanks


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