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Shoot or Get Shot
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Feature Film Casting Call
Shoot or Get Shot

Director : Steven Christian
Executive Producer : Robert Davis
Production Company: Freestyle Films

DaVon a high school senior is determined to graduate from high school and go to college. During his senior year, DaVon’s world is shattered when his best friend and brother are both killed in violence related acts. Shoot or Get Shot is a contemporary film dealing with youth and violence. Written and Directed by Steven Christian and Produced by Robert Davis.

Filming will begin in mid to late summer in Charlotte, Atlanta, Lumberton, Wilmington and LA. This is a paid project.

Interested actors should submit head shot, resume along with agent contact information to Steven Christian ; Please put your name and the character you are interested in submitting for in the subject line. If you have any links to demo reels, personal acting websites or 800casting links please place them in the body of the email. Submissions not following directions will not be looked at.

Closed auditions will be held by appointment only June 25th & June 26th in Charlotte NC. Only those selected to audition will be given an audition time. If selected for an audition, and you can not attend in person auditions, you may submit a video audition. Auditions will consist of improvisation with the director as well as a cold read. You may also be asked to do a monolog.

Characters with description
DaVon (18, Classy and smart DaVon is a straight- A student, boyfriend to Latoya, and is the bro. of Brian. Style: Preppy, business casual)

Kristen (17, Smart, sexy, and sweet, Kristen is a member of the HardChics704 gang. Style: Sexy and Preppy)

Sarah (17, A hood girl, however very sweet, A member of the 9-0 Street gang. Style: Hood, club attire, sassy)

Jake (21, A nice guy with the love for partying. A member of the 9-0 Street gang, is the older brother to Shannon. Style: College, Preppy)

Sofia (21, Sassy, Sexy, and Sweet, The girlfriend of Jose, & owner of LoVumba Night Club in Los Angeles, CA. Style: Sexy, Sassy)

Jackie (16, Loving, Sweet, Crazy, The younger cousin of Jose, Jackie is a girl that gets what she wants all the time. Style: Preppy)

Shannon (15, Tough, Sweet, Crazy, The younger sister of Jake, She is always annoying! Style: Normal dress, Sassy)

District (23, Soft, crazy, and thug-life attitude, the leader of the D.M.V Mafia. Style: Thuggish, hood, classy)

Latoya (19, Nice, Sweet, Flirty, The girlfriend of DaVon, always caring and knows what she wants. Style: Preppy, Sassy, Sexy)

Dwayne (22, Thug, Mean, The leader of the 9-0 Street Gang, is a very very mean and wont give mercy to anyone. Style: Thug, hood)

Brian (17, Kind, caring, and nice. Younger brother of DaVon, is always playing PS3 and a baseball geek. Style: Classy, General dress)

Tony (Male) (24, Also known as Gay Tony, Funny, Kind, A comedian, is the funniest guy on earth. Style: Business Casual)

Detective Hector (Police) (Male) (33, The best Hispanic detective on the force, and the supervisor of Officer Jacobs)

Eddie (Hispanic) (21, Kind, Sweet, Nice, A local rapper from Los Angeles, CA. Style: Urban, Latino)

Sgt Williams (Military- Male) (24, Funny, Tough, A Sargent in the US Army)

Private Smith (Military- Female) (22, Cocky, Moody, The new Private in the US Marines)

Staff Sgt Rodriguez (Military- Male) (21, The only Hispanic to be named Staff Sgt in the Navy.)

First Officer Fischer (Military- Female (22, Sweet, Loving, A sexy US Air Force FO and likes to party)

Officer Griffin (Police) (Female) (20, Sweet, tough, an LAPD officer that is always up on her game in interrogating criminals)

Karen (16, Student at West LA High in Los Angeles, CA, also in PopULiar, a clique for popular girls. Style: Popular girl)

Lindsey (17, Student at West LA High in Los Angeles, CA, also in PopULiar, a clique for popular girls. Style: Popular girl)

Mr. Dawson (33, The math teacher at WLAHS, kind, helpful, Style: Casual)

Ms. Williams (29, The consular at WLAHS, nice, kind, mean, Style: Sexy Secetary)

Sandy (Female) (16, Student at West LA High in Los Angeles, CA, also in PopULiar, a clique for popular girls. Style: Popular girl)

Lauren (17, Student at West LA High in Los Angeles, CA, also in PopULiar, a clique for popular girls. Style: Popular girl )

Principle Dawson (34, The principle of WLAHS, nice, kind, merciful, always happy, Style: Business)

Judge Joe Jackson (32, nice, kind, The Judge at LA County Courthouse, The main judge on Dwayne’s Trial Style: Business)

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email: [email protected]

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  1. Arron Brown

    DaVon sounds like a interesting character, that gave me couriousity with the deph of his story, and i would love to audition.

    440 south 11th street #3
    San Jose CA, 95112
    Age 29 height 5’10 weight 155

    Actor Model

    I never act, I just be. I was taught to be the character, rather then act it .It important to love what you do to get the desired results, and I love being an actor. That’s way I’m qualified.


    2001 Improve and self improvement classes
    2006 advance acting classes
    2007 menology and dialogue classes

    2000 Macy’s fashion show
    2001 Choices student film, bank teller
    2002 Cover of Attitude magazine
    2003 Savemart commercial
    2003 Savemart commercial
    2003 Port of subs commercial
    2003 Port of subs commercial
    2006 Documentanes of Modesto transit station
    2006 Tagus Ranch Massacre film principal role Tyrone


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