Auditions for Kids and Teens “After Earth” with Jaden Smith

Casting Directors for the new Jaden Smith movie “After Earth” are looking to cast several teens 14 to 19 to play military cadets in the film.

“After Earth” is shooting in the Philadelphia area and is looking for local teens to appear in the film. No acting experience is required.

“After Earth” will be directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, The Villiage). “After Earth” stars Will Smith and Jaden Smith. “After Earth” is a futuristic sci-fi adventure set in a post apocalyptic world where people live off world. Will Smith and Jaden crash land on Earth which people left long ago.

The film is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2013.

To submit yourself for this film please email the following: name, age, union status, parents’ names (if under 18), weight & height, phone numbers, clothing sizes and 2 recent photos (close-up and full body) in jpeg format.

You can also submit a resume and headshot by mail:
Heery Casting Inc.
2618-22 East Cumberland Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125.


Please only submit is you live in the Philadelphia area.

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  1. Tina Stewart

    I am 15 years old, I am 5’1 and I will love to be in your movie. Even for extras.

  2. kendal

    I probably am to late but I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I’d like to have a chance to work with you in this movie.
    For more information please email me.

  3. Mj Chango

    Here is all the imformation for you.
    Age: 14
    Weight: 115
    Height: 5’9″
    I live in Franklin, PA. I will have a place to stay, so I can get there quick. I dont have a problem with acting. I would very much enjoy it. I hope you feel satisfied with all that, if you need more just ask. Mj Chango

  4. Tyler Carey

    Hey, if the position is still open I would love to be in this movie, I’m 14 look like im 16, I weight 155 pounds, I’m 5”7 and I live in Franklin,PA….I would love to be a cadet in a movie, contact me if its not to late!

  5. D'Ann McCoy

    My son D’Mar McCoy is an exceptional 8 year old boy..who lives in Philadelphia PA..He is very tall for his age.He wears size 12-14 in clothing..He already completed and graduated from pre-acting course classes,film making classes and he is going to Performing Arts Camp this summer to perfect his talent.He does wushu,golf,horseback riding,swim team,piano,guitar and much more.He has the gift of memorization and he loves to act and dance.He excels at everything he does including being on the honor roll in school.This is the greatest dream he has to be an actor.His favorite movie is Karate Kid so he would be thrilled to play a role in a movie that Jaden would be playing in as well.I know he is not 14-19 but he does live in Philadelphia PA and he has recent acting certification.This would be a dream come through for him and the step in the right direction.I believe in God and I know it was no coincidence that I saw the casting call.I hope you will select him and you will not be disappointed. I look forward to hearing from you.He did recent photoshoots so he can provide recent professional photographs as well.

  6. Elijah Williams

    My specialty is acting as an army member so this would be the perfect role for me
    I am short for my age though.
    Age: 12
    Weight: 101 pounds
    Height 5’0″
    I live in Annandale VA and I am intrested in this film, please contact me, if it already isn’t to late. Thank You

  7. connor

    I’m gonna keep this short
    age: 15
    Weight:147 pounds
    Height: 6’1″
    I live in Atlanta,Ga and interested in this film you can contact me. I can give my pictures and phone number thanks

  8. gibriljobe

    hi my name is gibril jobe i live berwyn il, and am wodering if we the outsiders can please come to audition.

  9. Aaliyah

    Sorry, my name is Aaliyah and i would love to be an extra for jaden smith considering he’s my inspiration and the reason I started acting!!:) hope im not to late
    height:4ft 11″

  10. Emma Fleischer

    Hey! I’m 13 years old and I love to act
    And dance. This would be a huge opportunity for me and I really want this. But I don’t live in Philadelphia, but I can come there! I live in norway, but it’s not a problem at all! This is my biggest dream!
    High: 5″3
    Weight : 82lbs
    Hair: Dark blonde
    Eyes: blue
    Parents: Randi Fleischer and dag Tore Fleischer

  11. S

    Is this still open or has the filming already been done because I would really like to be a part of it, if it’s still going on that is.

  12. Taylor Reyes

    Hi my name is Taylor Reyes. I am 14 years old my DOB is August 11,1997.I am a female,5’0,black hair,brown eyes. I would love to be in this movie.this has been a dream of mine ever since I can remember. Please help make my dream come true.

  13. Jessica

    Im not from Philly but I would really like a chance to be in this movie I always wanted to act. I am 14, 4″11, 128lb, with brown hair am half Mexican and white and I will do my best to play any part I am given if you give me a chance you won’t regret it.

  14. lara k 777

    i live in South-Africa
    weight: -+ 55-58kg
    height: -+ 160
    light brown hair and blue eyes

  15. Elzanne

    Name: Elzanne
    Weight: 58kg
    Height: 166cm
    Parent: Susan Naudé
    Brown wavy curley hair, green eyes and tanned.
    Age: 16
    Live in South-Africa but would gladly go over to Philadelphia if I got the auditions.
    Hope to hear from you! Would really appreciate it!


  16. juliana

    Yeah I am from Philly and could be one of the main parts if there are any left
    weight: 111 pounds
    Age: 12
    Height: 5′ 4″
    i am white and tall for my age, and am a good actor

  17. Christy Bradley

    Name: Christy Bradley
    Age: 15
    Parents Names: Mark, Anne
    Weight: 127
    Height: 5’7
    Phone: 610-525-0232

  18. mahgany jenkins

    yeah i dont live in philly neither but i can come there and i act dance rap and sing

  19. Rachel Phillips

    Hi my name is Rachel Phillips and I don’t really want to put my information out on the internet right now so if I would still be able to do it would you please e-mail. I will tell you that I have blonde hair and brown eyes and I am 13 and i have been in the Sound of Music and i played Marta for my schools highschool. Last i took drama class for school and my whole life I have loved acting and I have always thought it was really fun so if you could please email me that would be great! I don’t know if this would help but my instagram is @rachelphillips_ i have pictures there if you want to check that out. Thank You

  20. Kyrie

    Oh, but i do not live in Philadelphia and was wondering if you will give out of state people a chance?
    Thanks Kyrie

  21. Kyrie

    Oh my goodness! this would be such an opportunity! I act like a natural and will interpret whatever you give me! I would love to be in a movie, showing people that if you just try, maybe someone will pick you, and you can live the dream that you strived for!!!!! I like to inspire people to be themselves! I am 13 years old, i am 5’0, Caucasian, with hazel-ish eyes, and brown hair
    I hope to hear from you and please have a great day!
    xxox Kyrie

  22. hela

    Name: khalil hela
    parents’ names: omrane and amel
    Height: 5’6
    Brown eyes , dark brown hair.

  23. M

    I am wondering if surrounding states will be invited as well? I am interested in helping with the production, but I do not live in Pennsylvania. Perhaps you can extend the call for extras out of state on a Sunday or two.

  24. Benjamin Noorani

    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 155
    Brown eyes , Black hair.

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