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Casting notice posted on, casting location: NEW YORK CITY
THE KINDER BRIGHT FILM STUDIO is casting for funny actors and actresses. (for sitcom ” THE CRAZE SAILORS” Frank is 20-25 years old white man, open mind person, love wild thing, very friendly, love to has fun.Boomer is 22-24 years old man ( any color white or black man) ordinary man,get upset easy, serious character and like to party.Garrison is 24-30 years old white man,strong characters, he like be by himself,he never wrong,the leader,he does not have a lot patience and has a great feeling.He is such sentiment man.He is a serious character. Miss Rita is 20-23 years old white woman,arrogate woman,concede and tries to act likes a high class woman. Miss Celina is 25-40 years old white woman, liberal, friendly woman,she looking for attention and work in the salon. Mrs. Hill 40-56 years old white woman,single mother,( she is Rita’s mother )very ingnored woman, like to get involve in somebody else business. Her best girlfriend is Mrs.Tracy,she 39-47 years old white woman,bad temper,she lives boring life in wheelchair.Archie is 30-35 years old white man,uneducated man and hard work man,he is sanitaion worker. Mr.David is 22-25 years old man,lazy man,bad manner,life does not make sense for him and does anything to get money. Mr.Perry is 45-60 years old white man, old fashion man,stric man,he tries to perfect. He is Celina’s father. His wife is Mrs.Fannie is 38-45 years old white woman,very kindly woman and nice person an ex-high school teacher.send your resume:

Casting Location: NEW YORK CITY
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