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Discovered TV Show
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location: Washington, DC

Category: TV Pilots

Local TV Network NEW Series “Discovered” is looking for talented Singers, Actors, and Dancers. This is not a paid gig ,however you will receive A LOT of Exposure through interviews, radio, photo shoots etc. Once the pilot is produced it will be shopped to national networks.

[Ms. B] [Female, Appear to be 29] Any Race
Must Sing and have a very strong voice

[Justice] [Female, Appear to be 18] African American (Darkskin)
Must Sing

[Adonis] [Male, Appear to be 18 or 19] Any Race
Must Sing

[Katie Christmas] [Appear to be 17] Caucasian
Must Sing

[Erica Golden] [Appear to be 19] Black- Lite skin
Must Sing and Dance

[Kameechie] [Appear to be 17] Mixed or Racially Suggestive
Must Sing

[Lovely] [Appear to be 20] African American
Must Rap

[Marja] [Appear to be 18] Any Race
Must sing and Dance

[Jasmine] [Appear to be 18] Any Race
Must sing be an EXCEPTIONAL dancer

[Jeremy] [Appear to be 16] Any Race
Must Dance

[Blaze] 21 Any Race
Must Rap

[Delores] 40s White Woman

[Principal Rictchie] Late 40s White Man

[Gino] Late 20s Any Race

[Diana] Late 40s Caucasian
Must Sing

[Justice Father] Late 40s African American

Open Casting Call Dec. 02,2012 12pm-4pm at Marriage DC 1638 R Street NW Washington, DC.

Please prepare the following in order to be prepared for this audition:
1. Recent Head shot and/or Comp Card that we can keep. (Mandatory)
2. a 1-2 Minute Contemporary Monologue (Have More Than One Prepared)
3. (Singers) A song that shows off your singing ability [Please have a plethora of songs prepared). (Rappers) An original rap. (No Cursing or Vulgar Content). Dancers be prepared to dance.

Good Luck!

Job type: Non Paid

casting TV pilot

Casting Location: Washington, DC
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    I want to be in it lol 🙂 🙂

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