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Emerson College BFA Thesis Casting Leads/Supporting Roles
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Boston
Emerson College, Piano Row
150 Boylston St,
Boston, MA 02116

Auditions will run for three days – the 24th, 25th and 26th.

Friday (24th) 10:00am – 10:00pm by appointment – Room 117
Saturday (25th) 10:00am – 10:00pm by appointment – Room 117
Sunday (26th) 12:00pm – 10:00pm walk-in – Room 118

To reserve a time for an audition on Friday or Saturday, please sign up here:

|Roles and Characters|

?MR.MARVELOUS (White Male / Late 20s-30s / Athletic / Somewhat Built)
Lead Role – Mr. Marvelous is a superhero who has found himself in a very vulnerable situation. His reputation is on the line as he is accused of murdering his wife. He must defend himself and prove his innocence. The actor must be able to portray very somber emotions, and at the same time be able to portray staying strong and hopeful. He is a superhero after all!
(We prefer that the actor portraying Mr. Marvelous to be interested/able to do his own stunts)

?CAMOUFLAGE (White Female / Late 20s-30s / Long Brown/Black Hair / Athletic)
Villain – Camouflage is a sexy femme fatale and a seductive, manipulative, talkative superwoman.
She can be seen as a combination of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Joker (from the Batman mythology). Evil and sadistic, she’s strong yet sexy.
Camouflage has the ability to physically transform into other characters(ELIZABETH, FOREMAN, etc) so being versatile and good at impersonations is a plus.
(We prefer that the actress portraying Camouflage to be interested/able to do her own stunts)

?ELIZABETH (White Female / Late 20s-30s / Blonde Hair / IDENTICAL TWINS A PLUS )
Mr. Marvelous’ wife: she is beautiful, artistic, and vulnerable – unlike Camouflage. Taken hostage by Camouflage, she is reliant on her husband to save her and her unborn baby. She’s terrified, angry and extremely sad – fearing to be killed at any point. We prefer that the actress for this part is capable of crying on command. Camouflage, the transforming villainess also morphs into Elizabeth – so versatility and impersonation skills are important, unless you’re a twin! In which we could use both of you!
(We prefer to cast twin sisters for this part, since there will be two Elizabeths in certain scenes of the film and would therefore cut down VFX / Complex Camera shots)

?JUDY BROWN (White Female / 40s-early 50s)
Mr. Marvelous’ lawyer is a hard-working, confident woman. She has a sense of fashion and possibly a short haircut. She is someone who passionately believes in the law, and would make a great prosecutor. Mrs. Brown has an extreme interest in the case. She isn’t afraid to be judged, and she is hostile and stern even with her own client.

?SHELDON (SHELLY) ROBINS – PROSECUTOR (Male / Any Ethnicity / 50s)
*We encourage African-Americans to audition for this part.
Similar to Brown, Robins is extremely passionate about his work. He has had a long carrier, but is still very energetic and full of life. He has lost few battles and has a very high winning rate. Entirely invested in the case, he is determined to convince the jury that Mr. marvelous is guilty.

?JUDGE ARNOLD LOUIS ( Male / Any ethnicity / 50s-60s)
He is a stressed, witty and impatient individual. Though he is careful to see a precise verdict, he is pressed on a deadline and very sharp and snappy to the lawyers. He speaks sarcastically and doesn’t like noise in his court.

?FOREMAN (Male / 20s-50s / Any ethnicity )
Two-faced. On one hand he is straight, serious, and on the other he is silly and teasing.

?NEWSMAN (Male/Female / 20s / Any ethnicity)
Young, friendly, enthusiastic newscaster. Very interested in covering this high profile case, as it is a great opportunity to get recognition in the community.

?BAILIFF (Male / Any Ethnicity / 40s)

?REPORTER ONE (Male/ white – 30s)
Skinny, annoying, noisy, humorous. Likes to push people’s buttons.

?REPORTER TWO (Male/Female / Any ethnicity / 30s-50s)

?REPORTER THREE (Male/Female / Any ethnicity / 30s-50s)

Casting Location: Boston
Contact email: super.theshortfilm@gmail.

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