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AnemiCinemA FilmProduction presents…
“Brain Drain”


Casting for:
BOB: Male, 30s-40’s, overweight. Office employee. Bob is a man who has checked out early. Seeking to lessen the drudgery of pushing papers across his desk all day, he has undergone a sort of present-day lobotomy, leaving him dull, lifeless, and covered in his own drool…

MAN & WOMAN: 20s- 30’s, “Power Couple.” These two are the nagging voices in Bob’s head. Though never fully seen, they represent what Bob possibly feels about himself or how he thinks others perceive him. These two are present in the restaurant, the office, and in the surgery as background assistants.

WAITRESS/NURSE: Female, 20s. This young woman is there to serve! Whether it’s assisting the Doctor wiring up Bob’s brain or getting rid of flies in Bob’s food, she’ll be there, with a smile, to help. She represents the industrial side of Bob’s psyche- crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s. To a lesser degree, she embodies Bob’s Id.

DOCTOR/MCCRAVEN: Male, 40s, CEO material. The Doctor and McCraven are really one and the same person- the authority figures directing Bob’s life. In a sense, neither of them take Bob seriously as a person and could be seen as his Ego/Super-ego construct.

Casting Dates:
March 17th, 2012, 1 pm to 6 pm

Shooting Dates:
April 10, 11 2012

Full Sail 3A, ROOM 133 351 University Park Drive, Winter Park, FL. 32792

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