“Caso Cerrado” Telemundo/NBC


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location: nationwide

Category: Reality TV

Show Synopsis:
Spanish Court TV Reality Show. Re-enactments of actual cases and situations of everyday life. Some are funny, sexy and very dramatic. Host will resolve disputes between a plaintiff and defedant. MUST speak Spanish fluently!

We will fly participants to Miami a day before the shoot. We shoot the following day and fly you out the following day. Participants will be in Miami for 3 days. Air, Hotel and Lunch included.

Rate$160-$200 depending on roles

This is for the show “Caso Cerrado” Telemundo/NBC

Spanish speaking males and females from all ages. MUST BE FLUENT IN SPANISH. Energetic, outspoken, not shy, sexy and very open minded. All is improvised and we will supply acting coach. Different types of roles are required for different types of cases.

Cases are some funny, dramatic, sexy and some deal with sexual nature or content. Serious actors/actresses need to apply. We need people every week.

Send name, location,Age, Nationality, Contact Info. and recent pictures to Andy Hernandez Dreamworldentertainment@gmail.com

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: nationwide
Contact email: dreamworldentertainment@gmail.com

12 thoughts on ““Caso Cerrado” Telemundo/NBC

  1. Barbie Tenemas

    Quiero información para ser la audición..

  2. arelis torres

    Quiero comunicarme con el hombre que salio en el caso de abril 22, 2015 llamado Nestor!!!

  3. Veronica de La Rosa

    Would like to come out in Caso Cerrado? Need to bring my case to Dr. Polo so she can help me with my son & his father.

  4. Arlyn rodriguez

    I need to go to the program to give my baby father a Dna test. I live in NJ, my baby’s father lives in Tampa Florida and my son lives with my aunt in New Port Richie … please help me.

  5. Magdalena Osuna

    Quien sabe donde conseguir boletos para el show de caso cerrado? Gracias

  6. Hector Mendez

    I have a case I want to bring to Caso Cerrado. I am fluent in Spanish.

  7. Chelsea

    No soy actiz ni tampoco tengo el don de belleza, pero mi problema es serio y muy real para pasarlo por alto. Estoy en guerra con toda mi alma para recuperar a mi hija, y quiero que lo oculto sale a La Luz porque mucho engaño y blackmail se opera muy fácilmente en mi vida. Si eres sería a mis asuntos Dra Polo, pue aquí yo estoy.

    Pero una cosa es cierto. Mi historia convence. Ya iba ser un cast al Robert Irvine show y the Steve Wilkos show. Solo verificate con Sarah Anane del Robert Irvine show.

  8. Tays Medina

    I need help. I want to take my sister’s daughter from her because she is in a relationship that her boyfriend hits her and he locks her up in the house. She don’t want to leave him PLEASE HELP ME.

  9. Jennie santana

    I need to bring a case to caso cerrado. I live in Miami FL.

  10. Janie Nievez

    I really need to take my case to Castle Cerrado con la Dr. Pollo. Estoy peleando por la custodia de mi sobrina. Por favor ayudadme. Mi sobrina sufre mucho la maltrata ya no quiere estar allí.

  11. Carol Masin

    I want to be on your program, I had a baby with my pimp and found my son after 28 years.

  12. Angelo Escobar

    Como se puede obtener los tickets para estar en el publico de Caso Cerrado? Porfavor dejenme saber, se los agradeceria mucho. Muchas Gracias.


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