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Faux Documentary Casting
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta, GA
Independent Production Company is seeking talent for an upcoming Non-Union Faux Documentary project slated for production in late May/June 2012 in Atlanta. The project will shoot for 5-7 days.

Compensation: There is no compensation, but meals and film credit will be provided.

Contact: Please forward all resumes and headshots to the attention of Casting at


Special Note: We are seeking very talented actors and actresses with a profound flair for looking and sounding natural on camera (crying, angry fits, etc). This production will cover the entire gamut of a range of emotional displays by various characters.

Candidates must also have an incredible memory and recall for extensive blocks of dialogue for our “medical professional” characters and others.

If you’ve been looking for a challenge for your skills and abilities, this is it. Character Breakdowns are as follows:


DR. AUDREY C. YATES: Clinical Psychologist and spiritual African-American woman in her late 40’s with wire rimmed glasses and a “somewhat hip” school teacher type swag.

DR. BRIAN ASHFORD: Dermatotoxicologist. Early 40’s, clean cut. A brilliant “by the book” type that appears to enjoy frightening others with the “bad news first.”

DR. HERMAN OSWALD: Neurologist. Caucasian, late 60’s, wrinkled, old school. A professional and intellectually sharp hedonistic hippy.

DR. ROBERTA WALTERS: Veterinary Pathologist and animal lover with a humble aura of calm. Mid 30’s. A brilliant storyteller with a knack for breaking things down into a form that the layman can readily understand.

DR. STEPHEN CRAIG: Epidemiologist. Caucasian. Late 50’s. Animated and balding with a face that belies his straight talk.

ELIZABETH PRESTON: Latino. Mid 20’s. A homebody that is trying to cope with the loss of her best friend.

FATHER BRADLEY: Mid to late 60’s. An energetic Roman Catholic Priest that performs exorcisms.

SELF-HELP GROUP (MEMBERS/EXTRAS): Men, women, and children of various ages and ethnicities.

OFFICE EMPLOYEE: Early 30’s. Nosey, sarcastic, negative. A chronic coffee drinker that can’t mind his business.

INCREDULOUS MAN: Early 30’s. Generally and externally obliging. Internally egotistical and prideful. The type that has trouble admitting that they might have a problem. One of the individuals that Father Bradley has to exorcise.

WAILING WOMAN: Early 30’s. A “wailing” recipient of an exorcism courtesy of Father Bradley.

JESSICA LOVING: Mid 30’s to early 40’s. A wiry yoga instructor looking type that runs a self-help group.

PARANOID PROFESSOR: Mid 50’s to early 60’s. A paranoid professor with a full beard. Almost a dead ringer for Billy Joel.

POKER FACED MAN: Mid 30’s. Part of Jessica Loving’s self-help group that winds up having a serious nervous break down during a session.

RANDOM MAN #1: Caucasian, somewhat geeky in appearance.

RANDOM MAN #2: A vibrantly loquacious and well-read young senior. The type that won’t shut up once you get them talking.

RANDOM MAN #3: Asian. A man with a germ phobia.

RANDOM MAN #4: Caucasian. A stoner type with WILD hair.

RANDOM MAN #5: African-American. An educated conspiracy theorist.

RANDOM WOMAN #1: African-American. The ever-cautious Professional.

RANDOM WOMAN #2: Caucasian. An active and opinionated elderly SENIOR.

RANDOM WOMAN #3: Any Race. Mid 30’s. Anxious and emotional.

RANDOM WOMAN #4: African-American. Late 40’s. JAMAICAN WOMAN with a heavy accent.

RANDOM WOMAN #5: Any Race. College student.

RANDOM WOMAN #6: Caucasian. A NERDY looking college student. The definition of geek.

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact email:

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