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“Released” is a powerfully haunting short drama being directed by an award-winning director from USC’ s upper division with many festival screenings and awards to his credit including Newport Beach Film Festival. This film is a gripping story of a murder of a brother decades earlier and a man’ s quest for forgiveness from his father, who himself is in prison hospice. Flashback scenes feature new effects and intriguing interplay between the men now and the boys they were then. DVD and pre-release showcase screening before year-end.

Logline: Imprisoned for murdering his younger brother, Adam appeals to his dying father, Jose, for forgiveness in prison hospice. In the end, he is released from his true sentence: his father’s hatred and disownment.

Casting Call: 10/31/2012

Shooting Dates: Shooting will take place over the first three weekends of November. The exact schedule within that time frame is tentative.

If you are interested in auditioning for the film, please email headshot and resume along with the role you wish to be considered for to with “Casting” in the Subject Line.

Rate: Because additional financing for the film has been secured, principals will be paid $100 per day in addition to receiving a copy of the film, credit, and meals.


Male / Principal / Hispanic/ 50 – 65
A deeply dramatic and conflicted role, this is great for any actor looking to show his ability to perform in dramas. Jose never had much after his wife died, leaving him with just one thing that mattered: his son Aaron. Doing everything right, Aaron never failed to win Jose’s favor and bring him joy. His step-son, Adam, on the other hand, was just his step-son, not his pride and joy. After Adam murdered Aaron, Jose hardened his heart, refusing to see Adam. This is the first time the two have seen each other face to face since Jose discovered that Adam killed his son. After losing Aaron, Jose lost the will to live and turned to drugs and alcohol to bring him happiness, but only dug further downward as nothing could heal the pain. Busted for drugs, he landed in prison. Now, he is dying from pulmonary mac, but sees dying as an escape from the pain of living – until Adam comes. He is stubborn, hard, full of pain, and not at all ready to forgive.

Adam – Male / Principal / Hispanic / 30 – 45
Hardened by being in prison for many years and for many years to come, Adam is cold, intimidating, and hard, not showing any emotions. However, seeing his father dying reopens the wounds of the past, the emotions that have been dormant, and his ultimate desire to be recognized by his father. Adam is a person that has never been loved from those he has sought it from. He is imprisoned by the state and by his father, and this is his last opportunity to appeal his sentence.

Young Adam – Male / Principal / Hispanic / 20 – 25
Young Adam is quiet, hardworking, plays by the rules, and just wants his father to be proud of him and to recognize him. However, Jose only recognizes Aaron, his younger brother, and dismisses Young Adam while praising Aaron. While Aaron has just graduated from high school and has a scholarship to college, Young Adam had to drop out from school in order to work. In short, he resents his younger brother, but hopes to gain his father’s favor by proving that he is the best son and that he loves him most.

Young Jose – Male / Principal / 40 – 45
Jose is demanding, protective, and selective to whom he gives his love. He struggles to make ends meet and to be the best father he can be for his sons. However, he is so proud of his son Aaron, who always seems to do everything right – all the things he was never able to do. On the other hand, Adam, though his step-son, reminds him of all the bad things of himself. He can’t face the repeat of his failures. Thus, he gives all his attention and love to Aaron. However, in noticing everything that Aaron does, he fails to see or appreciate his step-son Adam.

Aaron – Male / Principal / 18 – 20
He’s the one that is the center of attention, who does everything right – honor roll, going to college on a very large scholarship, getting confirmed, being in the Boy Scouts, etc. While Aaron is the best, he is not totally innocent: he knows that he has favor in his father’s eyes and uses his position to mock and lord over his older brother. Aaron has just finished graduating high school and is celebrating his high school graduation party. Also, he is not secure, knowing that his father sees and expects better things in him than he can possibly deliver.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email:

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