Casting Co-Star Roles for Comedy Pilot – L.A.


location: Los Angeles

Category: TV Pilots

We are casting multiple roles for a comedy trailer/teaser video to pitch a new pilot called, “My Poor Parents”. Struggling to rebuild a Hollywood writing career with a baby, Marc’s left with no choice but to have his blue-collar Midwestern parents move in to help. It’s Ricky Gervais’ “Extras” meets “Everyone Loves Raymond.”

Award-winning writer/director will use the video internally to pitch to studios and production companies. Not only will the footage be great for any reel, but would lead to steady work in shooting the television or web series.

1st Role:
Roger: (Male, 53-63, Caucasian) Classic Midwest dad, possible mustache, on the tall side, good nature, but has a crazy streak. Wildcard of the show.

2nd Role:
Selena: (Female, 53-63, Caucasian) Classic Midwest mom, sheltered, good nature, neurotic and overly worried.

3rd Role:
Raph: (Male, 30-45, African American) Owns an Exotic Dancing Company and started as a bouncer. Thick/overweight. Maybe bald head. Can deliver biting dialogue like Faizon Love or JB Smoove.

4th Role:
Homeless Jerry: (Male, 53-63, Caucasian) Grew up in the Midwest as a childhood friend of Roger. Down on his luck. Possible beard. Can achieve great resting dopey look.

5th Role:
Ginger: (Female, 21-30) Stripper with comedic chops. No nudity. Just stripper-like outfit. Has a large role in pilot.

Casting dates are TBD. The shoot will be Oct. 13 & 14, in Los Angeles. One to two day rehearsal will be the week prior. It’s not for broadcast, but should be non-union. Unpaid, but could lead to paid tv or web series role, as well as great comedy reel material.

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Piso Mojado Pictures Team

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles
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