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By | June 18, 2012

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location: Pasadena, CA

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We’ve got to have, we plot to have, that certain thing called the Boyfriend!
Theatre 360 Productions is now casting for the musical comedy, “The Boyfriend”.

The setting is the French Riviera. Polly, an English heiress attending a French Finishing School, falls in love with Tony, a delivery boy. Recalling her father’s warning to beware fortune seekers, she poses as a working girl, unaware Tony is in fact the missing son of a wealthy Lord. Things get complicated but not to worry, a happy ending is in store for all!

The show’s many memorable roles include the flirtatious Mme. Dubonnet, her boy-crazy students and Polly (the role which turned Julie Andrews into an overnight sensation). With its catchy tunes, period dances; including the inevitable Charleston and winning sense of humor, “The Boyfriend” is
a sparkling, tongue-in-cheek 1920’s romp.

Casting for:

Tony (LEAD); Ages 15-19 – A messenger. An attractive, secretly wealthy suitor. MMust move and dance well. Voice: Tenor

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Pasadena, CA
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