Chef Cooking Competition – Los Angeles


location: Los Angeles

Category: Web series


Casting Director: Shana Landsburg Shoots: Week of Oct. 8 Location: L.A.
To submit to this project please go to and upload your video. This link requires an Actors Access account, but it is free to register.
or Submit audition Video to

[CHEFS] Youtubes most popular and wildly successful cooking show is looking for the countries most creative chefs to compete in a brand new series of EPIC proportions. Each episode will feature selected chefs as they battle head to head for the chance to win the shows coveted culinary title,a cash prize and youtube stardom.
This show is all about cooking BIG, cooking SMART and using lots of BACON!Answer one of the following questions in a two minute video. Have fun and show your personality. Please send audition reels and videos by Friday September 28th for your chance to participate.
1. Whats the biggest most outrageous thing you’ve ever created in the kitchen?
2. Name three of your most favorite ingredients?
3. How do u feel about Bacon?
4. Have you ever been on a cooking show before? Why would u want to be on one?

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Los Angeles
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