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The Adinkra Warriors
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Writer/Creator M Jayson Graham is casting for a READING of the Pilot for “The Adinkra Warriors”. In the tv series, three at-risk teens from Los Angeles on a work release program in Ghana are selected by Tribal Ancestors to battle evil spirits.


Lucas Talbot: Black male, 18, serving time for car theft. Suave “pretty boy and he knows it type”. Reluctant team leader.

Jackie Lopez: Latino female, 16, serving time for assault. Very masculine energy, “tougher than you” type.

Herbert Chen: Asian male, 14, serving time for identity theft. King of Techno-geeks and avid “culture junkie” type.

“Nana” Ismael Yaa: African male, 60’s, mentor to the teens in the ways of the Adinkra Warrior. He only speaks when necessary, most of the time in Twi. He is the “strong, silent” type.


Detective Inspector Steven Yaa: African male, Early 30s, born and raised in UK. Host “Father” to the three teens. Investigates “supernatural” cases. Grandson of Nana Yaa. He is the traditional father figure.

Sandra Obeng: African female, 16, daughter of a mega church pastor. She is a housekeeper at the Yaa house. Friend to the teens and has a developing romance with Lucas. She is the consummate “good girl”.

Daniel Adu: African male, late 30s-Early 40s, lawyer and executive assistant to the Board of Directors of Gold Coast Industries. He has been educated in the best programs in the world and has an international swagger. He was sent to recruit the teens and oversees their work-release program.

Aido Mampam: African male, 60s (physically), bookshop owner, art collector and demon. Born 1100 years ago, bookish in the extreme but is always looking to sell information for books and art.

Mensah Kesse: African male, Early 40s (physically), former businessman-now demon. Calculating and ruthless in pursuit of his revenge against the Yaa Family. “Emotional bully” type.

Johnson Ofer: African male, Late 20s, former detective Sgt. and partner of DI Steven Yaa. He is physically impressive but has suffered spiritual and psychological damage from his grandfather, Mensah Kesse. “Tortured soul” type.

There are other featured roles and a narrator that will be cast. The African and British roles require the appropriate accent. Please email web links, pics and resumes.

The tentative date for the reading is Saturday, November 17 @ 2pm with a location to be determined. Please contact M Jayson Graham for further details.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Contact email:

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  1. Jennifer

    when will you have an audition for a narrator?


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