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Dance audition posted by the Talent Manager/Casting
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Bristol, CT
Auditioning dancers for upcoming Pop Group 2 year commitment. Must be willing to travel. Must be fluent in Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap. Ages 14-21. This Saturday 842 Clark Av Bristol, CT (Healthtrax) between 2-5pm. Call 203 631-3573 for more information.

Casting Location: Bristol, CT
Contact email:

2 thoughts on “Dance CT

  1. tyneshia

    hay i want to know could i be on the dance crew im 14 years old and i catch on to dances real fast.cause ive also mime i hip hop dance with my friends but my mom didn’t real know how she could sign me up so if you decide.

  2. Tekeya clayton

    hey my name is tekeya clayton and im 19 ive been dancing ever since i was 3 years old and i dont know where to start.


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