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Dance audition posted by the Talent Manager/Casting
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Bristol, CT
Auditioning dancers for upcoming Pop Group 2 year commitment. Must be willing to travel. Must be fluent in Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap. Ages 14-21. This Saturday 842 Clark Av Bristol, CT (Healthtrax) between 2-5pm. Call 203 631-3573 for more information.

Casting Location: Bristol, CT
Contact email:

2 thoughts on “Dance CT

  1. Tekeya clayton

    hey my name is tekeya clayton and im 19 ive been dancing ever since i was 3 years old and i dont know where to start.

  2. tyneshia

    hay i want to know could i be on the dance crew im 14 years old and i catch on to dances real fast.cause ive also mime i hip hop dance with my friends but my mom didn’t real know how she could sign me up so if you decide.


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