Durham NC Theater Auditions – Paid

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location: Durham North Carolina

Category: Theater

Perception follows the storyline of two couples and their families as they go through various struggles and hardships in their relationships.
Role 1:
Male, 25 to 40
He is married to Margaret and struggles with the losing of his baby and wife.
Role 2:
Female, 21 to 35
She is married to Hamilton and struggles with mental illness and the loss of a baby. Must be able to portray a wide range of emotion
Role 3:
25 to 40
He is married to Diane and frustrated with wife’s behavior about not wanting to have a baby.
Role 4:
Female, 21 to 35
She is married to Carlton and doesn’t want to have a baby.
Role 5:
Female, 35 to 45
She is the mother of Margaret and she is willing to help the couple at all costs.
Role 6:
Female, 21 to 35
She is Diane’s best friend who has an insatiable sexual appetite.
Role 7:
Male, 21 to 40
He plays a gay male who helps to exact revenge.
Role 8:
Waiter, Random Man , Bartender
Male 21 to 40
Waits on customers, Sleeps with Shauna, and serves drinks

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Durham North Carolina
Contact email: dhedgepeth@kylekeyepresents.com

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