Excalibur:The Story Of Young King Arthur – Detroit


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location: Metro-Detroit, MI

Category: Theater

This is an ALL AGES show. A great opportunity for families to have fun together. Those auditioning should bring a non-returnable photo. Nothing need be prepared in advance; actors will be asked to read selections from the script. Children too young to read will have alternate methods to audition, such as repeating lines or reciting a nursery rhyme. CHARACTERS: (ages reflect the character and not necessarily the actor) Arthur (14)-young but mature; Merlin (middle age to elderly)-wise beyond measure; Druids (ageless)-immortal mystics; Sir Ector (middle aged) loyal knight; Lady Enid (middle aged)- Sir Ector’s Nurtuturing wife; Kaye (15-17)- their ambitious son; Elaine (8-12)- his spoiled little sister; Morgan Le Fay (20s-30s)- a dark sorceress; Dragonfly & Katydid (early teens)- her creepy companions; Archbishop of Canterbury (middle aged)- Godly man; Abbess of Albion (middle aged-elderly)- choir mistress; Sweet Heavenly Cherubs Chorus (10 & under)- her chaotic children’s choir; Noble Children (young to teenager)- children that live in Sir Ector’s castle; Attendants (varied ages)- those who serve Sir Ector’s castle; Lords, Ladies & Knights (varied ages)- attendees of the Grand Tournament; AND MANY OTHER PARTS

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Metro-Detroit, MI
Contact email: Excalibur.PTIV.2012@gmail.com

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