Extras for Movie “Promised Land” with Matt Damon


“Promised Land” is now filming in Pittsburgh, PA and the movie is seeking paid extras and stand-ins.

Pittsburgh and surrounding areas only! Please do not apply if you do not live in Pittsburgh.

“Promised Land,” the feature film, directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk) and starring Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, The Bourne Ultimatum) and John Krasinsky (The Office), is searching for males and females, all ages and ethnicities, to work as paid, non-speaking extras!

Searching to cast people to work one and two-day shoots (including multiple day shoots) in the Pittsburgh area from late April through early June, 2012.

To be considered as an extra please send in a recent color photograph (this does not need to be a professional photograph) ASAP to promisedlandextras@gmail.com.

Include with your photograph, your height, weight, all your clothing sizes, your phone number, and the color, year and make of your car or truck (if you have one). Please include any special skills you might have (for example, hunting, ballroom dancing, etc.)

*Especially searching for great, character faces, farmer looks, senior citizens, and kids. We love casting people who are new to the business — don’t worry about not having any acting experience. To work as an extra no acting background is required.

We are also casting stand-ins (people the same height/weight and coloring as the actors) to work every day/night on our show.

Stand-ins needed: If you fit the following stats and are able to work the whole show please send in photos and put “Stand-in” in the subject line.

Stats for stand-ins:
Male Caucasian 5’9″ to 6’1″ — blond and/or brown hair
Male Caucasian 6’3″ to 6’4″ – brown hair
Female Caucasian 5’5″ to 5’7″ — brown hair

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