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By | August 24, 2012

Girl Group casting call ages 15-16 born 1995-1997 (sing & dance) in London (hip hop, pop & r&b) 3 members needed
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location: England, London

Category: Singers

Hello my name is shae williams and I am looking for singers who can also dance ages 15-16 born (september 1995 – august 1997)

Send me an audio of you singing, and if you can a mini clip of you dancing

3 members needed!!

We will be management by a management team based in Los Angeles if we are good as a group and they like us we will be flown out to LA.

Here is what you can send it to:

Good Luck xxxxx

God Bless and stay positive & believe in yourself. Everyone is talented in some way and its a matter of bringing.

Stay beautiful, and I really hope you can join xx

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: England, London
Contact email:

4 thoughts on “Girl Group London

  1. Chantelle Locsin

    I’m really interested in this! I sent an email with a couple of questions (:

  2. Shae Williams

    Hello try sending the video again and you do have to live in the UK

  3. Jordaynn

    I’ve sent my e-mail to you but the first e-mail didnt send the videos so i had to send another one, when are you going to let us know if we have got in or not?


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