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Never Wake Me
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location: San Francisco, CA

Category: Film


SYNOPSIS: (A brief summary of the plot, short film.)

CAST: 1 Male, 2 Females



Ray, late 50s – 60s – A man filled with repressed rage and violence, trapped in his own deteriorating body, forced to use a crutch. He wants to get rid of any evidence that his wife existed as a desperate attempt to relieve himself of the pain. He is secretly guilty for not being the ideal husband or father. He keeps Elizabeth as close to him as possible in an attempt to control and protect her. Maddy is also on his mind all the time, but feels she will never forgive him.


Elizabeth, late 20s – 30s – street vendor, still lives with her father. Has begun sleepwalking nightly to the Golden Gate Bridge where her mother committed suicide previously. Elizabeth is torn between her father and Maddy’s wishes on what to do with her mother’s belongings., causing Elizabeth to lose control.

Maddy, late 20s – 30s – not on speaking terms with Ray. She wants a say in what to do with her mother’s belongings. Something about her being bitter, blames father for mother’s death, thinks he treated her badly, feels responsible for Elizabeth


Auditions are held in San Francisco. Location to be provided shortly.

Please bring headshots and resumes if you have them. For auditions come prepared with a 1-minute monologue, and be ready to read from the script.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact email:

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