Movie: “Vaudeville Comedy, Then and Now” – Palm Bay Florida

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location: Palm Bay, Florida

Category: Film

Palm Bay filmmakers Ray and Migdalia Etheridge are looking for actors and comics who would like to perform in their latest video project, “Vaudeville Comedy, Then and Now”.

The video will be a series of short comedy sketches, which will be edited together into a 90-minute program. Many of the scripts contain jokes and routines which were originally performed live on stage in the days of vaudeville, and later on radio programs.

We will be shooting 30 “G”-rated skits, and each skit will require two performers. There are roles for both the men, and the ladies. “Think Abbott and Costello, or Burns and Allen”

Auditions are already in progress, and will continue on a weekly basis until all roles have been filled. The individual skits will be shot one at a time. For information on how you can audition, see our website at

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Palm Bay, Florida

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