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Auditions for MTV’s Made

The MTV show Made will be holding auditions for ‘Made’ in New Jersey – Made is a teen MTV self improvement reality TV / docu series that follows a person who is trying to be made into something like a singer, dancer, athlete, beauty queen, etc. The teens are helped by a “Made Coach” who is an expert in whatever field that the teen is trying to break into. Over a few weeks this ‘coach’ helps the teen achieve their goal and transformation.

Auditions for the MTV show MADE will be held at Rowan University this on January 24th 2012.

The casting call will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday in Room 128 of the university’s student center at Rowan University.

MTV Made has different people in each episode as MTV follows the person as they go through changes in life.

MTV Made audition address:
Rowan University Student Center located at
201 Mullica Hill Road in Glassboro.

The MTV series Made has been on air since 2003

previous episodes have included the following:

Kristen in made into a BMX rider
Anthony is made into a ladies man.
Ashley, BJ, Courtney, Jessica, and Jameria are made into potential homecoming queens.
Erica and Taylor are made into rappers.

You must appear to be between the ages of 17-25. MTV is looking for people with intriguing stories and things they are passionate about.

You can find an application here

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  1. teah wilcox

    Hey my name is teah and iam 20 and i love to model dance and sing the only thing is iam not that too good of a singer so i want to be made a singer i would love the experiance and love traveling it is my dream to be a singer and i want nothing more to make them dreams come true 😉


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