Need Actors for Short Film Competition on July 28th, 2012


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location: New Haven

Category: Film

Director is seeking actors for a one-day film shoot in support of the New Haven 48 Hour Film Competition.

This competition requires a 3-7 minute short film to be written, cast, shot, edited, scored, and submitted in the 48 hours between Friday Evening July 27th and Sunday Evening July 29th. The complete film will be publicly screened Thursday August 2nd at the Whitney Humanities Center.

Shooting will take place on July 28th at private locations in New Haven or very nearby towns as necessary depending on the final script. Transportation provided or convoy if you prefer.

Please e-mail ( links to any internet-available videos of past projects you have done as well as your basic profile information as detailed below. If you cannot participate in the 48 Hour Film Competition this weekend but still want to make yourself known for any other future projects, please feel welcome to submit as well.

Since the writing will not begin until Friday evening, the cast of the film will be indeterminate until that time. If selected, you will receive a call before 9pm Friday July 27th and asked if you would be willing to show up the following morning. The blocked shooting period will be Saturday July 28th at 8.00 AM until potentially as late as 8.00 PM. Please arrive with patience for your crew, as they will have been up all night writing, making props/costumes/rigs and may be somewhat loopy. Lunch provided, as well as dinner if shooting runs that late.

I have past experience with this same competition in Indianapolis and it definitely pays to keep things as simple and local as possible. This competition is very little in the way of prizes, it is more a fun excuse to create something quickly and have it seen. One day of work and you have new contacts and a new film credit. We have a dedicated crew this year and we have been working with our equipment in anticipation of a fun whirlwind weekend.

-Cory Betzel

Audition profile sheet for e-mailed bios:

(include picture)
Contact Phone Number:
Martial Arts/Dance/Similar Movement Arts Experience? If so, please indicate:
Musical talent? If so, please indicate:
Other Special Skills (stage combat, juggling, levitation, ability to carve a president’s likeness out of a squash (please indicate president) etc)? Please (again) indicate:
Please include links to internet published films or auditions videos you have available.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New Haven
Contact email:

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