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Actors/Actresses needed for Independent Project.
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location: North New Jersey

Category: Student Films

Short film: Director/Producer is looking for actors and actresses to work on a short film and other short various projects leading to a major project. Its a volunteer type project that will help build your acting portfolio and this film is to be submitted into various Recognized and a few Underground film festivals. One of the directors films has already been accepted to the Rooftop film festival(if you know your stuff you would know that isn’t easy) and we are looking to continue in that route. The cast we are looking for is female and male supportives, (We Have Our Leads for one Project but will need other members to lead in future projects and Another Project we are helping someone with as well we will need extras, Drama students, college students, film students and anyone who feels they want to act are all welcomed as well as any make up people or special effects and even extra camera People who are as Passionate as we are are welcomed as well just “SPECIFY what it is you do, even if multiple things the better”,we each all have multiple skill sets as well. Needs a flexible schedule and the willingness to travel locally and eventually with bigger projects if we decide to use you again travel will go a lot further, The Closer to 07026 The Better for your sake of Travel. Age range 18-30 give or take, please contact me back with your information,a clear pic and Height so we can consider you for our current project or perhaps use you for other projects if this one does not fit our needs, serious inquiries only. Again this film will be submitted to various film festivals, its a good springboard to get recognized as an actor/actress etc, and build your portfolio. We are on our way to the top so we need serious dedicated team orientated individuals not people who just want to watch as we make big things happen but help to get your cut of the pie down the road. Again please send pics and what you would like to do with your career and find us on Facebook after we establish a good rapport.(Too Much Spam And Scams so we have to know who you really are 1st) Again this is for Men and Woman so don’t be shy be assertive and grab the bull by the horns like we have done and help this Empire Grow, and once again since some get discouraged easily or don’t pay attention, All Genres Welcomed and Cameramen and Woman welcomed to help Volunteer with other projects as well if That’s your Passion to also help build your Portfolio.(All Awards shared with whom ever helps,so the better we do,the larger the piece of the pie you get) We are talented people with a small team but Huge talent with a few other people helping us build this empire from scratch just like all the other Greats and have had many awards for other things so we are bringing it together and building this from the ground up, don’t expect the George Lucas type of stuff but remember even He started in a Garage with a small team and look at the Multi Billion Dollar Empire he has Grown with a Dedicated team~FIN~

Thank you ,

Producer/Assistant Director Triumph R. Iomega, Director Mike ” MonkeyKing” G.

Uncanny Iomega Inc.. In association With MONKEY KING FILMS

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: North New Jersey
Contact email: Mr.UncannyDrive@Gmail.Com

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