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location: Atlanta, GA

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Major Television Network is looking for individuals in the Atlanta and surrounding areas with Upbeat and Fun personalities and interesting, unique, or odd stories for a new reality based show centered around Atlanta’s Premier Lingerie shop. Do you want to shop for lingerie for yourself or for your significant other? Need help finding a bra? Do you have another fun, unique, or odd reason to shop at a lingerie store? We want to hear from YOU!!!!!

Some of the stories interested in:

Do you have an interesting reason for shopping for lingerie or are in need of a new bra or a bra fitting? Have your attempts to be successfully fitted for a bra failed in the past?

Do you have issues with Breast asymmetry? Is one of your breast larger than the other and you need help to fix the issue with a proper fitting bra?

Are you a shy person who wants to come out of their shell? Do you want to release your inner sex kitten?

Are you a man who wants to purchase lingerie for your significant other? or maybe you have several women in your life that you might want to find lingerie for.

Are you a single dad who needs to bring your daughter in for her 1st bra fitting and don’t have a clue where to begin, we can help you!!!

Does your lifestyle or profession require you to buy lingerie?

Are you a Real “Buckhead Betty”? Are you a woman who likes to “buy up” the stores?

If any of these stories apply to you, or you have an even more interesting story, The more unique, funny, or odder, the BETTER? We have heard lots of things, but we know that there are many more stories out there…WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please contact our casting department with your name, age, phone number, picture, and story at:

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
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