New York Student Film


The Devil At The RIver
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York

Aaron Stein meets with a figure who presumably calls himself Lucifer, he has seen the figure before in his dreams. Lucifer tells him about him and God and explains the world and heavens to Aaron. But Aaron still maintains his stoic position. When the Devil offers him to walk with him and that he wil…..

I NEED A FEMALE to play the following role March 24 and 25th

Females, Age From: 18 To 25 Years
Young Caucasian female between 21 – 25, high stature and slender body, preferably with very dark or very light hair. God shows a great sense of possession and firmness. Her facial expressions are neutral but her voice is strong and decisive. She walks with grace and easy flow; her posture is straight but not stiff.

This is a non-pay student film but I am a lot of fun to work with and this promises to be an excellent opportunity! I’d provide all expenses including food and transportation.

Casting Location: New York
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