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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Philadelphia,PA

3 Women is a tale of three successful women who attended the same University as adults forged a tight unique secret bond that unfolds while exploring their comfortable professional, family oriented lives. Corrine, Dominique and Kai demonstrates and maintain the ability to live a visually morally, clean normal life style while feeding into their deep desires and bringing their sexual fantasies and fetishes to life. Follow these three ladies through their journey of living double lives, will they have to choose, will their secrets remain hidden or will they maintain living double lives?

Kyle Stevenson – African American Male- early to mid 30’s is Corrine Stevenson husband who is a successful cooperate attorney and family man.

Mr. Stevenson- Kyle Stevenson’s father – A Tall African American male late 40- 50’s enjoys going to strip clubs.

Mitchel Coleman -Owner of Law Office – 50’s Caucasian male who has a fetish of being dominated by women- but a tough strict boss in the work place.

Herman Lane-Politician- Mid 30’s Caucasian male – running mate of Ashton Thomas

Wife of Herman Lane- Mid 30’s Caucasian female

Please send headshot, resume and link to reels if possible to until March 23rd – NO PAY

Casting Location: Philadelphia,PA
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