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3 Little Piggies
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location: New York

Category: Student Films

Thanks for your interest in Three Little Piggies!

This short movie is an NYU Tisch production about a cute little girl’s exploring the power of magic and fantasy in witnessing her fairy-tale dream becoming reality. It will be shot on brand new Sony FS100 cameras, food/drink provided, on-location (with a full crew, hair/makeup, etc.), and the shooting dates are October 27 and 28.

We would love for you to come in and audition.


ANNA: (f, 6-10) Sassy, mischievous, and whip smart. She’s adorable thought often frustrated with the way her parents treat her, ie, as an 8 year old child. She loves reading fairytales.

MAMA BREVIN: (f, 25-40) Caring and sweet. From Anna’s perspective, she’s basically Castro but all of her actions come from love. She’s very (relatively) safe with Anna in the kitchen.

PAPA BREVIN: (m, 30-50) Kind of lazy but gentle. To Anna, the only thing he does is drink beer and watch TV. Isn’t too far off but he does love his wife and young daughter .

Auditions are this Saturday, October 6 in NYC’s Greenwich Village.

Let me know if you can come in (between 10 am – 1 pm), and I’ll set you up with a slot and extra details.




Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New York
Contact email: piggieslittle@yahoo.com

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