NYU Tisch Student Film Needs actors


NYU Tisch Student Film – Middle-aged male actor and twenties female

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location: New York, NY

Category: Film

About the film:
“Young Greenzy”
A short comedic mockumentary following the rise of a young man who aspires to be the first “eco-rapper,” using music to encourage environmental responsibility.
Unpaid, but will receive compensation for transportation and meals.
NYU Tisch Student Film
Will have high visibility within the NYU student and faculty community.
shooting August 4 or 5, and August 6

About the role:
shooting August 4th or 5th
The host of the open-mic night where Greenzy gets his break. Several comedic lines that segway into the climactic scene of the film.

About the role:
A early-mid twenties girl-next-door type, who grows throughout the film from Greenzy’s skeptical co-worker to his love interest. Stars in several scenes and acts as the primary mentor and catalyst for Greenzy’s success.

Job type:

Casting Location: New York, NY
Contact email: sunmi@comcast.net

One thought on “NYU Tisch Student Film Needs actors

  1. samaire martin

    i’m intrested in playing the part as the “mc”


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