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The Retreat
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“The Retreat”

Please send headshots, resumes and links to reels. Will have auditions this week. Looking to cast immediately. Shoot begins in august. This will be a SAG Short film agreement. Deferred.

The retreat host. A caring, but stern individual. Acted as a mentor and a counselor for the guest. His sole job is to help the guest find themselves. He ends up helping the other guest find themselves more than they will ever know. He’s a “Ryan Seacrest” type of guy with a host mentality. Brad’s character is in his early to late 30’s.

College student who’s fed up with his “girlfriend”. He at first comes off a little cocky and arrogant, with no need for his girlfriend to even be around. He often yells at her, and has no regard for her feelings. Brendan is attractive, like Matthew Mcconaughey in his early days. Character is in his early 20’s.
A naïve girl, who’s incomplete denial about her relationship between her and Brendan. She comes off as depressed, and a bit pathetic. She goes to this retreat with only one mission in mind: to win over her true love. She’s a petite blond, in her early to mid 20’s.
A newly engaged girl, who ends up getting robbed at knife point. Nothing’s weak about this victim, or so she thinks. She has a hard core, no nonsense attitude. She’s a fighter. Character is a small brunette in her mid to late 20’s.
DARYL(The Robber):
He ends up robbing Raylyn at knifepoint. Rough demeanor about him. He’s tough, and his words are sharp. His character pretty much contradicts itself when Raylyn starts to fight back. He becomes a complete coward. Character in early 20’s to late 30’s.
A man who works in the entertainment field as a clown, who’s failed marriage leads him to finding his true self. Also known as “Dobo the Clown”, he’s a sensitive character, and he’s passive to his wife. He’s even sensitive to the feelings of the other participants at the retreat. Character is an African American male, and must be able to entertain i.e juggle, do balloon twisties, etc. Age can be between 20’s – 40’s.
Dorian’s angry, fed up wife. The woman has a no nonsense attitude, and she definitely wears the pants. She’s fed up with Dorian’s sorry ways and poor money management. Character is in her late 20’s to Mid 30’s. African American female.

Any ethnicity. Mid 20’s to 30’s. Must have good film presence. Experience with public speaking a plus. Must own a suit. Black, Blue, or Grey
50’s and Older. Must have black robe and strong theatre voice. Must be able to command attention and order in the court with just a look. Must be comfortable with delivering lines.
Mid to late 20’s. Must have broadcasting experience. Be aware of the camera and the person being interviewed. Must have broadcasting field attire. Very attractive. Please attach a sample of broadcasting work to email. Will accept talk show hosts with on location segment experience. Must be comfortable with delivering lines. Improvising is a plus
Need a family of four to enjoy dinner with one of the main characters that will be wearing a clown outfit. Must be comfortable with being on camera and must be able to simulate having great family time while not acknowledging the main character.
8-10 years old. She Will be interviewed by a rep

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