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Filming will begin in September 2012 and run throughout the month. Secrets follows the story of a fifteen year old girl named Beth. As Beth begins to realize how many secrets a person can have, she becomes distraught after learning some of the friends and families deepest secrets.

ERICA (18-21 Female). Supporting Role. Beth’s confident older sister. She is 19 years old. Must be able to portray a wide range of emotion as Erica goes from being a happy, cheery girl to a depressed, abused, rape victim.

MOLLY (6-10 Female). Supporting. Beth’s younger sister. Happy, loud, innocent.

HAYLEY (13-16 Female). Supporting Role. Beth’s best friend. She should be fun and happy but able to portray a wide emotion. Hayley is the youngest of five children and feels abandoned and pushed aside by her family. She suffers from minor depression, but manages to hide it from her family and friends. Near the end of the film, Hayley’s brother commits suicide as a result of bullying and she is broken and lost.

CASSANDRA (13-16 Female). Supporting. Beth’s good friend. Appears to be happy and put together. Suffers from an eating disorder.

TYLER (13-16 Male). Supporting. Beth’s boyfriend. Cocky, outgoing, athletic.

DREW (13-16 Male). Supporting. Beth’s best guy friend who she is secretly in love with. He is quieter than the other guys.

SANDRA (35-46 Female). Supporting. Beth’s mother. She loves her children but often has trouble controlling her anger, leading to her lashing out at her children. She begins to realize that she has been destroying her relationship with them near the end as her relationship with Erica falls apart.

JOHN (40-55 Male). Supporting. Beth’s father. Very strict with his children.

AIDAN (13-16 Male). Minor. Good friend of Beth’s. He is deeply in love with Hayley but she does not share these feelings.

DILLON (17-21 Male). Minor. Hayley’s older brother. He was bullied throughout highschool. Now a freshman in college. Very friendly towards everyone. No one realized how unhappy he was until he ends his own life over summer holidays.

YOUNG BETH (1-10 Female). Minor. Seeking three young actresses to portray Beth at different points of her life in flashback scenes. Must be Caucasian.

YOUNG ERICA (4-12 Female). Minor. Seeking 3 young actresses to portray Erica at different points of her life in various flashback scenes.

YOUNG MOLLY (1-1 Female). Minor. Seeking one baby to portray young molly.

FRIENDS AND STUDENTS (13-17 Any Gender).
Seeking 10 teenagers to play minor roles.

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR. (20-60 Any Gender). Minor. School guidance counselor.

VARIOUS MINOR ROLES (25-55 Any Gender). Seeking adult actors to portray minor roles of parents and teachers.

CHILDREN (4-12 Any Gender). Minor. Seeking approx. 15 children for flashback scenes. Small speaking parts.

BRECKON (18-25 Male). Erica’s abusive boyfriend. On the football team, must appear athletic.

HILLARY, MICHAELA, NOAH REEVES (18-25 Any Gender). Minor Roles. Hayley’s older siblings.

JOEY ABRAMS (2-6 Male) Minor role. Cassandra’s little brother.

LILY ABRAMS (2-6 Female). Cassandra’s little sisiter

EXTRAS (6-60 Any Gender, United States). Extras needed for various scenes.

*If you are interested in any of these roles, please email a headshot and resume to

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles
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  1. Haley Riley

    Hello! My name is Haley Riley, I live in Virginia Beach, VA and I’m 5″3 with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 14 and have been dreaming of becoming an actress for years. I found this casting call and would love to be able to talk to someone about an audition.

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