Seeking those who NEED to be famous


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Do you feel like you’re destined for fame? Are you a singer, dancer, actor, or model in the making, just waiting for your big shot? Some people just know they’re going to be famous, and may not even know why.

It’s fun to dream. But not everyone treats it as a dream. Some know they’re going to hit it big and are just waiting for their chance. Others can’t even imagine living “an ordinary life” — it’s fame or nothing.

If that sounds like you — or someone you know — a major cable network and a well-respected New York City-based production company have an opportunity for you. We’re looking for 15-24 year olds with a variety of talents for a chance to be featured on a special that will change the way we gain fame.

Get in touch with us today, and let us know your thoughts. Please include the following:

SKYPE HANDLE (if you have one — we will very likely be conducting Skype interviews during the casting process)

PHOTOS (don’t have to be professional or fancy, just so we get an idea of your look)
— What do your parents, family, and friends think about your goals of fame?
— Has your obsession with fame caused any issues with friends, family, or money?
— How do you know you’ll be famous one day?

If you have any other relevant information, such as videos you’ve filmed or demo tapes, you’re welcome to include them or links to them.

The casting director on this project has worked on several Emmy-winning programs, including two seasons of MTV’s Made, The Amazing Race, and Project Runway. Feel free to contact us for more information or if you or your parents have any questions.

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email:

4 thoughts on “Seeking those who NEED to be famous

  1. Sean Myers

    Name – Sean Myers
    Age – 20

    I have been praying for an opportunity like this for who knows how long. Recently I got signed to a talent agency in Atlanta but 2 months later I still have no auditions. I want to become an actor but there are no opportunities available in this piece of crap town I live in called Saint Marys, Georgia. I’m very humurous, I love acting, and generally I just love entertaining people. Everyone always told me if there was anyone from our town to be in a movie or go Hollywood it would be me and I’d totally have to agree. Nothing ever goes right for me, so I use comedy as a route to keep myself happy otherwise I prolly would have offed myself by now. THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY I WAS SEARCHING FOR!!!! I am the guy you want on your show, there will never be a dull moment with me. My parents know I have what it takes to make it but they just think it will take longer than expected and I just need one chance for a sitcom or movie audition but its taking forever. Choose me and I can assure you that I’ll make your show worthwile!!

  2. Pratt, Robert

    I’m 17 years old, and I’ve been a alternative rapper for 5 whole years and never got the recognition I deserve. I know how to flex a verse into any type of beat i get my hands on. Please help me out.

  3. Isaiah Cheek

    I absolutely agree, I also have been looking for a great opportunity to come around like this! It is very exciting. The show itself seems like it will be a great hit! I hope that I will be able to become a part of it. I am 110% ready to become discovered.


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