Short Petite Woman Needed For Small Short Movie.


location: North New Jersey.

Category: Film

Volunteer Actress Needed For A Short Movie Being Submitted to A Film Festival, This is a side project we are working with as well as other projects but we have a small cast already in place for this side project we are merging with a need of one more actress(Main actress) and need a specific type of female for the role, hair medium to long but prefer medium, not short but if your acting is good and can sell the part it may not matter, body figure not important but she has to be petite and light skinned to medium not much darker or really tanned(Maybe) because this character has her description set, normally we would not care. Also she has to be under 5’6, 5’6 the tallest again due to the type of character we need and the more innocent looking the better but have to be able to act good enough to sell the character when we need her to look mean or scary as if she was crazy, Can’t reveal too many details online about the character due to it being an associates Project and Copyright issues but can discuss further details upon person chosen of course. “Please Send a Photo,Age,Height” Nationality does not matter, you could be asian caucasian Hispanic etc as long as you are not too too dark but decent tan is fine and we are even willing to accept really tanned people, even cinnamon skinned is fine as long as once again you can sell the part which is more important then skin complexity.(As Per Writer Instructions not my own) Once again as well this will be submitted to several film festivals so it is good for the persons Acting Resume even if they never acted a day in their life you never know and once picked up by the film festival we are hoping to make it a actual feature film so it can lead to Great opportunities and money as long as your a team player, don’t think your better than anyone and are humble enough to accept the terms thus far and we will help get you plenty exposure. So remember. (Picture, Height) are the most important things we are looking for. Thank You. ~Triumph~ Uncanny iomega inc (U.I inc)

Job type: Non Paid

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Casting Location: North New Jersey.
Contact email: Mr.UncannyDrive@Gmail.Com

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