Singers and Performers Wanted – Philadelphia


location: Philadelphia, PA

Category: Variety acts

We are looking for:

Choir Singers
Orchestra Performers
Burlesque Performers

All roles for any production are compensated and entertainer placement is dependent upon production budget and overall theme of the event or requirements of client. In many circumstances in addition to compensation for performing, entertainers will be provided with accommodations. Travel not included in most cases, but can be evaluated on a case by case basis. Jacqueline Hyde Presents is an ever growing production house focusing on a variety of entertainment opportunities to suit a diverse collection of event requests.

Too be considered as a candidate for a Jacqueline Hyde Production, a completion application must be submitted.

Please e-mail the following information to:

Position(s) of Interest:
E-Mail Address:
Website: (if applicable)

Once reviewed we will contact you to express the next step in the application process.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Philadelphia, PA
Contact email:

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