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Going Back
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Tampa, FL
“Going Back”

Casting for:
• James- late 20’s-30’s – A southern hard-ass profiteer, who has lived on the “zombie ridden frontier” for almost his entire life. He takes satisfaction in everything manly, but has a refined palette when it comes to picking out profitable items from the wasteland. Almost a modern day Doc Holiday.
• Tommy – late 20’s-30’s – Another less-weathered profiteer. He’s from Australia (where zombies don’t exist), and just came over a few years back. After meeting James, the two clicked right away. He looks up to Bryson Fondly, almost as a father figure.
• Marla – late 30’s-50’s – a fit woman with a heavy New England accent. She’s very motherly to the group, but seems like the type that would have worked in a factory in different circumstances. She’s the guide of the group because she knows bad areas and has lost many people to them.
• Jake- late teens-early 20’s – He’s the Harvard Trust-fund type, his reason for being in this mess is research, rebellion, and experience. Kind of like a protester who wants to be part of something big, but doesn’t want to get their hands dirty.
• Bryson- 35+ – Bryson is unconscious for most of the film, but we get the feeling that he was their leader, he looks very stoic, but weathered.

A member of a group of post-apocalyptic profiteers struggles to keep the team together while he deals with an idealist newcomer and the impending death of his mentor and long time friend.
Casting Dates:
January 14th, 2012. 9 am to 9 pm

Shooting Dates:
January 28th and 29th overnight

5642 Oakley Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL, US, 33544
Phone: (813) 991-4600

For more information contact: Contact James T. Ealum III Phone: (229) 883-2000

We are students from Full Sail University, whom have been approached by a producer offering us a low budget. We need actors for no pay; however, we will be submitting to many film festivals. We offer great experience and a great opportunity for their demo reel.

Casting Location: Tampa, FL
Contact email: bruceallenmurrayiii@gmail.com

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