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Teen Girl Singing Group!
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location: Birmingham, Alabama

Category: Singers

Hey you guys my name is Brianna & i’m 17. I love to sing & dance! Music is my life, and i really want to start my on girl group. The group as of right now doesn’t have a name, but once we get all the members, we will decide together.

p.s: this will be a real group.. like >>> TLC, Xcsape, Destiny’s Child & The OMG GIRLZ lol

I’m looking for girls who:
1. Are 15-17 years old
2. Good vocals
3. Are dedicated & willing to put ALOT of hard work into this group!
4. Being able to dance or can remember Choreography.
5. Live in B’ham ( if you live in like Atlanta or somewhere close and don’t mind driving to Birmingham then that’s fine also!)

Send the Following Application to kbndms@yahoo.com and i will contact you as soon as possible. Also Please attach a picture of yourself to the E-Mail as well.



Date of Birth:



Phone Number where you can be reached & best time to call:

Are you a christian:

Do you have a positive attitude:

Musical Influences:

Whats your favorite girl group or even boy band:

Tell me a little about yourself:

Have you ever had professional vocal training?:

Can you rap:

Do you write music?:

Are you able to choreograph dance routines?:

What is your vocal range?:

Do you have parental permission?:

Will you be able to attend group meetings/rehearsals regularly?:

Thank You! <3 Casting Location: Birmingham, Alabama Contact email: kbndms@yahoo.com <<< if you need more information or have any questions.. i check my email everyday! xoxoxoxoxo, Brianna <3 Job type: Other Casting Location: Birmingham, Alabama Contact email: kbndms@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “Teen girls for singing / dancing group – Birmingham AL

  1. Kayla Chester

    Hey my name is kayla and i’ve been wanting to get in the music business for a while. I sing and dance and I’m 19 yrs old. I am looking forward to receiving a message to my email from you or look me up on facebook which is kayboochester.

  2. catera

    look Im looking to start a girl group I dont care how far You girls are I just want to know can You SING AND DANCE im 14 years old and im looking really, really looking for for talented girls to be in a group with me please,please contact me at my yahoo email moore.catera@yahoo.com this is for girls 14-16 thanks xoxo,Catera Moore


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