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Damned Waters Auditions
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location: New York City, NY

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DAMNED WATERS; The Dotted Elk Theatre Company is now casting for the world premiere of Damned Waters, a new play written by Gregory Paul Thomas and directed by Ben Hawthorne. The play runs from August 9th-11th at Under St. Marks Theater. Rehearsals will run June 18th-August 8th, 3-5 days a week. Video and photo promos will be shot by Alex Mercado and Katie Hawthorne and will work around schedules. You will receive copies of both.

Casting Three Actors, no beginners please:
1. AIDA LEE: A Southern-bred widow brooding sexual mystery behind her stone-like facade. A sweet southern seductress whose charms outweigh the danger that surrounds her. Deeply pained by the loss of her husband and son, she clings to their memories, the only way she gets through the day; 24-42; must be able to speak in Southern accent!
2. JERRY BUFORD- A displaced insurance claims adjuster from New York City who moved down south to handle the Southern sector of his expanding business employer. A real whiz-kid with looks to match though he’s only aware of his smarts as an asset. Trying to escape the shadow of his father and prove he can make it on his own. There is something very stable about his presence and calculating about his speech and demeanor despite his young age; 18-30.
3. SHERIFF BOBBY MAY JOHNSTON- Has a tattoo on his arm that reads “The South Shall Rise Again,” and a constant Marlboro dangling from his lip. The evil Marlboro Man in every sense. Wears his official Sheriff’s hat with “kiss my grits” style. The type that will kill anyone to gets what he wants. A bully who shoots first and asks questions later; 28-50. Must be able to speak with a Southern drawl.

Open Auditions will be held at The 133rd Street Arts Center on 308 West 133rd Street, New York, NY, 10027 on Tuesday 6/05/12 from 3pm until 7pm and on Wednesday 6/06/12 from 3pm until 7pm with callbacks on Friday 6/08/12 from 4pm until 8pm. For more information call Ben at 860-869-8097. Please bring resume and headshots if available. Lo/No Pay; Non-equity. Email submissions to (5/27/2012)

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New York City, NY
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