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All Mormons Have Multiple Wives
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All Mormons Have Multiple Wives

Director; Parker Johnson, Producer; Carlos Zarate and Editor; Chelsi Johnston are casting for All Mormons Have Multiple Wives. This short comedy student film invloves Chandler, a high school senior stuck between deciding to go to a school of her dreams (an art school) and BYU (a mormon school).

Seeking (Character Descriptions)
Chandler: Female / All Ethnicities / 16 – 22 years
A high school senior is stuck between choosing to go to art school (freedom!) or going to BYU (ugh, do I really want to be stuck in Mormonland?). An independent girl who loves to listen to Brand New and draws her emotions in her sketchbook.

Teal: Female / All Ethnicities / 16 – 22 years
Teal always wears her leather jacket with a Dead Kennedy’s patch on the back and pins in the front: The Misfits skull, a fist in the air, and one that says “My Body, My Boundaries.” If hardcore punk were an artistic style, she would be the lead singer of a kickass band.

Jodi: Female / All Ethnicities / 24 – 34 years
A devout Mormon who recently found God, and wants her rebellious younger sister, who she’s raising, to find God as well. Her idea of a good time is watching “Military Wives” and making arts and crafts with other Mormon women.

Mr. Durden: Secondary / Male / All Ethnicities / 28 – 38 years
Though he loved the unpredictable, fickle lifestyle he had as a starving artist, he married young and realized that he needed a stable job to start a family. As a high school art teacher, he likes to be a mentor to his favorite students.

Resume/notifications must be submitted by April 6, 2012 at with the subject line “All Mormons Have Multiple Wives” (Note: auditions are by appointment only). We will be auditioning at the Arts and Sciences building in Santa Clara University. Building can be found at 500 El Camino Real, CA 95050. Please bring a copy of your resume, headshot and talent once an audition is scheduled. Possible Pay!

Casting Location: Santa Clara, CA
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