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location: Toronto, Ontario

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Do you believe in fate? Even the smallest decisions change your life forever…

Looking for 6 roles.
3 kids – age 6 – 10
1 Older Gentleman – age 60 – 80
2 extras for coffee shop scene.

Casting Call for Short Film titled “HASARD”. HASARD is an Independent Production that will be submitted to film festivals world wide and will be ten minutes in length. Filming will be done in various locations around Toronto.

Film Website:
Director: Cyril Eberle
Producer: Jaana Hein

Audition on Appointment
Compensation: $25.00 per day

Shooting dates September 1st – 3rd, 2012


Losing a bet to older friends, eight year-old Eloy steals a coin from an antiquities store.
From that day forward he tosses the coin whenever faced with a decision, basing his choices on heads or tails. Over time Eloy adds more support tools to struggle through life, relying more heavily on various forms of prognostication and augury.

As a young man, Eloy follows his secret love, the shopkeeper’s granddaughter, Soleil.
Relying on divination again, he constructs a letter for her with messages received in the fortune cookies he orders ritualistically every morning with his coffee.

Things come to a head when Eloy finds himself facing an emotional decision which he once again leaves up to a toss of the coin, which may finally expose him to the uncertainty of life and love.

Role: Shopkeeper Positions: 1
September 1, 7am until 12 noon
Location: Bathurst/Queen)Character Details:
– Age range: 60-80
– Typical charismatic Mediterranean old man
– Short, round, grey or no hair, wrinkled brown skin
– Full grey beard or moustache
– Dark eyes
– Fragile, wise, elegant and formidable in his old age
– SOLEIL’s grandfather is the owner of the antique store where ELOY steals and escapes with the coin.

Role: Kids having an argument Positions: 3 – 5
September 2, 8am – 6pm
Location: Etobicoke
– Age range: 6-10
– 1 Asian looking
– 1 Caucasian, big/chubby
– 1 Red or blond head
– 2 more
– The three kids are having a fight with ELOY in the school gym.

Role: extra at coffee shop Positions: 2
September 3, 6am-4pm,
Location: Queen/Dufferin
– Age range: 20-30
– 1 girl (blond)
– 1 guy
– The extras are sitting in the cafe where ELOY goes to see SOLEIL.

Please submit resume and head-shots Only individuals selected for auditions will be contacted.

Thank you!

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Job type: Other

Casting Location: Toronto, Ontario
Contact email:

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