Tryout for an MTV show

By | November 15, 2012

MTV is now casting a show nationwide

Are you part of a blended family? Do you have a stepmom? MTV wants to hear from you!

Is your blended family driving you inane? Does your stepmother act nice when your dad is around but acts differently when he’s not there? Is your stepfather always embarrassing you? ? Maybe your stepsiblings can be described as a dysfunctional Brady Bunch? Is there not enough space in the house for your family’s huge personalities?

MTV is casting a new series about stepfamilies! We are looking for FUN, over-the-top characters where the teens/young adults live under the same roof. At this time, we are looking for stepfamilies where the teens/young adults live with their stepmom.

If this sounds like your over-the-top stepfamily–we want to hear from you!!! We’re looking for people from blended families who can’t believe they are living with a crazy stepmother/father/siblings under the same roof! The children should still be living at home with their stepfamily. If you appear to be 16-25, have a range of issues with your crazy family- we want to hear from you!!!

Please email us your full name, age and contact information (including phone # and email). PLEASE remember to include your phone number when responding to the casting. Tell us briefly about each of your family members and attach 4-5 photos of you and your blended family.

Email us ASAP at:

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