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location: nationwide

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We are casting FOUR roles. We are NOT looking for “actors,” but rather real people. The roles MUST, MUST be filled by individuals who actually have Verizon Fios. The client (Verizon) will verify this with their accounts. They are looking for absolute authenticity.

The “roles” are:

Urban Bachelor:
· Single male largely on their own with no kids or wife
· Of all the 4 segments, they are the most college educated but not necessarily wealthy
· Uses the internet and tv to stay abreast with whats going on in his areas of interest – sports, business, news, finance, trave;
· Has no patience for things not working properly and appreciates reliability
· What drives the urban bachelor? Being self-reliant in managing their business while indulging in their favorite hobbies

Family First Mom:
· A successful mom that is focused on the home and her family’s happiness
· She is technology savvy, but all about practicality and reliability.
· Has to raise her kids on a budget (HHI is around $60k – this is a MUST)
· Average age is 41 (she needs to be around this age)
· Uses technology for education, children and family needs, bargain hunting, home improvement

Modern Family:
· Consists of a mom, dad, son and daughter (could have more children, but we would only need one son and one daughter to be filmed)
· The son/daughter will need to be teenagers in age.
· The parents are typically college educated and have an above average income
· Technology is a HUGE part of the family

Adventurous Empty Nestor:
· A couple without any kids in the household (this is a must)
· Average age is 48
· They aren’t very serious about home technology, but they are open to learning about it
· They use technology to pursue passions, play online games, for education, health travel and hobbies

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: nationwide
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