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Have you ever fantasized about life in another part of the world?

What could you get for the value of your home in another country? A villa in Spain? A beach house in the Caribbean? A penthouse in New York?

To qualify you must

*own your home/condo – we are looking for a range of price points
*live in Canada or the States
*be opinionated and fun

Here is how it works; you tell us about your fantasy home and our crew travels the world to find it. We look in 3 countries, at your price point. Then we come to your house to present the video of the homes. All we want is your opinion; you don’t actually move or travel. It takes 1 day of shooting at your home. It’s loads of fun

We are only in your home from 9:30am-6pm and our crew is only 5 people

Email me today and I will send you a questionnaire, video clip and give you more info

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