3-4 Girls Wanted for X-Factor Girl Group – Detroit


Where: Detroit
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Type: Singers

3-4 Girls Wanted for Girl Group!
Location: Detroit, MI & surrounding areas

Hello there! My name is Shara, I’m 17 years old, and I’m looking for about 3 or 4 girls to form a girl group with for The X Factor US Season 4 competition! Season 3’s auditions are closed, but this is the perfect opportunity to get together and prepare for the next turn around and to apply for the next audition. However, this group is going to be more than what it might seems to be at first – this is meant to bring 4 – 5 girls together to form a sisterhood of girls who all aspire for the same dreams of being able to perform in front of hundreds – more like THOUSANDS – of people and be able to live the dream of using your talent to take you far in this career as a musical artist and performer. As well as also making friends for life!

Of course, there will be some rules coming along with this. And here they are!

– Those wanting to audition HAVE to be between the ages of 16 and 19 when submitting. NO EXCEPTIONS!
– You must be able to send in an audition video of you singing along with your information in the form below (more than likely a Youtube video)
– This group is going to be a Pop centered type of group, so more than likely
– Also, must have transportation when we get together for meetings and (if we can’t make it to certain locations) also have a Skype and/or Tinychat account to meet up then
– I am not a professional musician myself, but I will be judging off of vocals and listening for some uniqueness that can mess well into a 4 or 5 part harmony! So, be unique and just have fun with it!

Here is the form you have to send to my email & I’ll add in an example for you to go by:
Nickname/Stage Name (if you have one):
Vocal Range:
Tell me a little about yourself:
How about your personality?:
Can you write songs as well? (this doesn’t effect your app, I’m just interested):
Can you play an instrument? If yes, what kind?:
What’s your take on being a part of a girl group? What are you looking forward to doing with these girls?:
(For your video, you can either attach it in the email or you can send me a link to your Youtube and/or Soundcloud. If you send the Soundcloud page, you’re still permitted to also send in your Youtube channel)

Name: Durshara Kirby
Nickname/Stage Name: Shara / Shara Kirby (The ‘Dur’ I just don’t like for reasons, you can ask me another time)
Age: 17
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Vocal Range: Mezzo soprano (Or second soprano)
Tell me a little about yourself (goals, personality, ambitions, etc): Well, I was born and raised in the city of Detroit for practically all of my life. Ever since I was 6 years old, all I’ve ever done was perform. Whether it would’ve been at my church singing in the kids and now young adult choir, or playing the violin throughout elementary to high school. Music and performing is definitely something that I’ve always been a part of since I was young, and I want to make a successful career out of it to provide for myself, my family, as well as helping the world if possible. For my personality, people tell me that I’m a pretty outgoing, happy person. I have my moments where I can be a bit bossy and standoffish, but I’d like to say that I’m an independent individual who knows what she wants and can be a bit stubborn at times when it comes to someone objecting my beliefs. I’m pretty easy-going as well; I truly love to make new friends who share the same interests as me, and who can also be pretty crazy but can balance it out with the necessary maturity that our age group should have. My hopes for the future is that I (myself or as a part of a ‘certain’ group ;3) can earn a spot in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top 100, maybe have a #1 album in the future as well. Along with a successful, sold-out tour that we go on worldwide. Dreaming a little big here, but those are definitely some things I look forward to getting in the future.
Can you write songs? (this doesn’t effect your app, I’m just interested in knowing): Not at the moment
Can you play an instrument? If yes, what kind?: Yes; Violin
What’s your take on being a part of a girl group? What are you looking forward to doing with these girls?: I feel like my voice, while a lot of people may comment and say that it’s lovely, isn’t exactly strongest on its own. It’s unique, it’s got that ‘something’, but I feel like it would be stronger and fresher in a group of others who have that same uniqueness and something that can take us from where we are and to where we want to be. Being apart of a group with other girls would more than likely be a breather, as well as a blessing – I’d probably have 3/4 new friends that I can call on and we can all just get together and have crazy fun whenever we feel like it. I look forward to just doing what I love with people who feel the same and aspire to the same goals that I do, and making friendships that could potentially last a lifetime.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to pop them up in my email or in my Tumblr inbox (I’m there like 24/7). Also, if you’re interested in hearing my own vocals so that you know what type of gal you’ll be meeting and such, here’s my Youtube and Soundcloud, along with the other necessary links.

Facebook: Kirby Shara
Twitter: __sharaxoxo
Tumblr: dreamalittleme
Youtube: SharaPowwa
Soundcloud: Shara Kirby
Email: sharasupergirl@yahoo.com

Afterwards, I’ll contact the 3 or 4 lucky girls after the expiration date and we’ll more than likely message through Tinychat to get to know each other better!

I hope you all have fun sending in your videos! Let’s make this happen, girls!

– Shara

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Detroit
Please submit to: sharasupergirl@yahoo.com

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